Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alicia Baylon: The Reason is You

There would be no Neko Mimi, if there was no Neko Mama.
And that Neko Mama, was  Alicia Baylon.

My mom and I may look the same, but we can be complete opposites.

She was a very active Catholic, while I am passive about my belief. Whether it was going out or doing any task at home, she moved in a hurry while I often take my time and prefer to do things at my own pace. She preferred to be up and about outside while I'd rather stay at home online. When it comes to computers and the internet, she was just learning her way around, while I would sometimes go into withdrawal symptoms if I do not get my hands on the keyboard and be online at least an hour after a stressful day. She liked books that are religious or devotional in nature and has a whole collection of them, while she hardly touched mine that range from children's books to supernatural to romance and even self-help.

But if there was one thing that held a special place in both our hearts, it would be komiks.

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