Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beyond Komiks: Connecting Blogs and Social Network via IFTTT

If you've been in the internet long enough like me, you probably have more than just a Facebook account. Or more than one social network account, for that matter. If you're a blogger, you've probably also have at least one blog hosted in Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.

And the question now is, how do you manage updating all of that?

Currently, I have two social network channels connected to OMG!!! Komiks!. The first one is this Facebook Page and the second is a Twitter page. Here's what happens when I post something in one of these three websites:
  • Blog > none
  • FB Page > Twitter
  • Twitter > none
In this setup, it's easy to see that I wasn't able to maximize the use of my blog and the social networks its "supposed" to be connected to. During the months that I was in blog hiatus, I realized that while I was online most of the time, I hardly take the time to update my blog. Most of my online time is spent on Tumblr, and most of the komiks related updates were link posts in my FB Page. I was very active on Tumblr that it came to a point that I was thinking of migrating my blog to Tumblr just so that it can be updated frequently.

My blogger friends were against this though, and advised me to keep updating my blogger instead. One idea that came to me was to reblog the comics related content I find in Tumblr to my blogger. Hence, the Tumblr blog was born. However, the dilemma of auto-posting content from Tumblr to blogger still remained. That is, until I found IFTTT.

IFTTT stands for "If This Then That". It is a FREE web based application/program that lets you auto-repost on several blog/social network sites without even clicking on the Share button. Those who are into programming are familiar with "If Then" statements like this. For those who aren't, the concept is fairly simple. If you do one action to website A, then it triggers an action in website B. Take this blog post for example. Right now, my IFTTT setup allows me to do this:
  • Tumblr (optional) > Blog > FB Page (Title of page as link post) > Twitter (FB Status post)
The "recipe" (as the website calls it) I used was: If I make any new post on my blog, then it will create a link post to my FB page.

So now, after I publish this blog post, it will trigger a chain reaction of updating my FB page. My FB page will then update my Twitter. If, for example, I made a post on my Tumblr, it will also trigger the same chain reaction above. 

Another thing I love about IFTTT is that it allows you to customize the content that gets auto-posted through tags, labels, and hashtags.

Of course, nothing in this world, especially in the IT world, is without cons. One concern I found was that it takes a while before the content is auto-posted to the other websites. It can take about 5-10 minutes before the post appear. 

Another downside I found was that it's easy to create an infinite post loop in IFTTT. If you're not careful with creating your recipes, you might end up making the same post twice in all the connected channels. 

Overall, I think that IFTTT is a wonderful internet marketing tool that bloggers and social network addicts can use to manage and maximize their use of blogs and social networks. It's simple and makes reblogging a breeze. If you want to know more or sign up for their service, you may visit their website at https://ifttt.com/.

Share better, faster. Make the internet work for you with IFTTT.

Neko Mimi, over and out!

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