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Beyond Komiks: Of music and poetry

Where do we go now, sweet child?
Today I officially relaunch OMG!!! Komiks! with its new CAT-egory: Beyond Komiks! YAY!!!

Beyond Komiks will be all about the other stuff that the girl with the cat ears, Nekomimi, does outside the world of komiks. Indie music, food, and other randomness by default.

The year of 2014 and the early parts of 2015 have been quite a storm for me. But now that the storm is over, things are finally starting to settle down, and I now have the time to focus on the more important stuff in my life.

Anyways enough of the drama! Let's get this post started!

Have you heard good music lately?

April was a month of great music. My good friend SlickMaster from The SlickMaster's Files had introduced me to the musicgasm of local indie music and we've been following the gigs of our fave bands since. I met a few of them during the Satchmi Record Week last April 13-19 at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. There were several notable performances there, but the one band that struck me the most that night was Dayaw.

Live performance of "Telebisyon" byDayaw
during the Satchmi Record Week last April 16, 2015.

One word to describe their performance? INTENSE. I could hardly contain myself from dancing to the beat of the drums! I didn't even notice that I was holding my breath until after the end of one song. My recording of their performance does little to capture the true essence of their music. So if you happen to see Dayaw performing in your area, do check them out!

A personal favorite of the SlickMaster himself (and also becoming mine as well) is the band Autotelic. Their songs (Misteryoso, Dahilan, Kung Sa Bagay, Balik, etc.) have a nostalgic feel about it that reminds me a lot of Ebe Dancel's songs from his Sugarfree days. I've had their songs on LSS for weeks now, and hardly a day goes by without me playing at least one song. Last night was the first time I've ever seen them perform live and it was amazing!

Official music video of "Misteryoso" by Autotelic

Their band is slowly making waves in the indie music scene and has been recently featured in Pulp magazine! Their first album is already available in Team Manila stores and select bars like Route 196. This is one band that you should watch out for, because they might make it into mainstream music soon enough.

The Spoken Word

What are songs but lyrical version of poetry?

Another recent find for me this past month was discovering the world of spoken poetry. It all started with this heart-rending poem shared by a friend in her Facebook timeline:

"Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat Ko Para sa Iyo"
written and performed by Juan Miguel Severo

That poem really summed up what breaking up and falling out of love is. I couldn't help but share the video to almost everyone I know. I tracked down the post and found myself in the page of Words Anonymous where I found out that there were actually gigs for poetry reading here in the Philippines! It was like finding all about Komikon for the first time! I was shocked, amazed, and at the same time, I want to be a part of it!

Though I've made a few free verse poetry myself, I haven't really gotten the courage to recite them, much more to show them to public audiences outside my Facebook circles. Maybe one day...

A Night of Both Worlds

Tonight I was given a chance to be in the convergence of the roads I love: poetry, music, and komiks! Me and the Blogkada dropped by the UP Town Center to witness this year's Tula, Kanta, Kape 2015.
Tula Kanta Kape 2015 Event poster from the official Facebook Page

This was the first time I attended this event, and aside from the coffee and the indie bands, I didn't know what to expect. We got there about an hour early, so after signing up the raffle sheet, we got to go around and check the booths before the main show starts.

The first booth (where me and my friend really stayed for a long time) was Poetry Magnets PH. We used the words printed on magnetic tiles to form poems on the metal board they set up on display. This was the very first bazaar for this online store. I wasn't able to grab one of their kits this time but I'm hoping to see them in other bazaars. It was a bit tedious and frustrating especially when you can't find the word itself that you are looking for. But in the end, we succeeded in making our poems. Mine turned out a bit longer than expected.
First attempt. It was frustrating when you can't find the right words
so I just worked with whatever I could find.

I couldn't find "love" so I created it.
Lots of cool stickers and hand-made accessories
over at The Bluedoor Collective table.

Right beside Poetry Magnets is the sticker store of The Bluedoor Collective. I immediately recognized some of the stickers that I saw at Route 196 last night. They were also selling some accessories. I grabbed a turquoise bracelet and a cat sticker for my guitar, RJ.

A few steps ahead were a secondhand bookshop called Bookturnal Philippines where I found several books to my liking. Unfortunately due to the limited budget (and my conscience reminding me of the huge TBR pile at home) I can only look longingly to the books and promise I'd buy them next time.

A bit away from the maddening crowd stood a Freedom Board where guests can grab a chalk and write/draw whatever they want! I couldn't resist but draw my favorite chalk-licking troll, Terezi. Here are some of the notable quotes/poetry that were on the board.

Freedom boards bring out the art in our hearts.

The event began at 5 PM with a passionate poetry reading from Bridgette Diaz followed by relaxing music from Maya's Anklet and Niki Colet. An exchange of read and sung poetry went on as the night fell over the crowd. Michelle Bacabac broke the silence of the evening by reading pages from her comics. Prizes were given away to the winners during the games and raffle held in between shows.

It was an awesome night of music, poetry and art! Congratulations to the organizers, sponsors, and performers of the event! See you all next year at the 2016 Tula, Kanta, Kape!

Nekomimi, over and out! =^w^=

This guitar has been Neko-fied!

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