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Monday, October 5, 2015

Indie Spotlight: Things to Remember by Jess Santiago and Jez Nabong

Things to Remember by Jess Santiago and Jez Nabong

Title: Things To Remember
Acquired on: Komiket 2015 (Elements at the Centris, October 3, 2015)
Selling price: Php 80.00
Written by: Jess Santiago
Illustrated by: Jez Nabong
Language: English
Cover: Colored, printed on bond paper
Illustrations: Black and white
Type: One-shot comic
Published under: Self-published (Komiket University Graduates)

Storyline (From the synopsis):
They love her. She doesn't remember.

Banchi must help Hon remember their daughter before she and her family come for breakfast. It has been months since they last saw Hon; and with her memory fading, the chances of her recalling them are slim. Banchi has tried everything to rekindle the past, but nothing has been working.

After all their years together, what is the one thing Hon will never forget?

Friday, October 2, 2015

TRANSCRIPT: Live Chat via Twitter with Paolo Chikiamco

Book covers and creator profile picture from Flipreads.com

Paolo Chikiamco, one of the great minds behind Alternative Alamat, Mythspace and High Society,  entertained his fans during the Live Twitter chat held at 5PM last October 1, 2015.