Sunday, March 18, 2012

A New Hero is Born!

Reads komiks and manga faster than a speeding bullet.

Can stand in line for hours to have a komik or manga signed by the author and/or artist.

Able to squeeze the last of her savings just to get her hands on a copy of a komik or manga.

The villain of indie book shops and the mistress of komikons....

She is...


Saving the world one komik or manga at a time!

Coming soon to the Komikon near you....

Watch out for her misadventures with komik fans and otakus here at OMG!Komiks!

*image courtesy of Tektek Gaia Dream Avatar. Next time I'll make my own.


  1. hello world! how are you world?

  2. There's going to be more adventures for Neko Mimi from now on so better watch out! :)


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