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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Mystery That is OMG!!! Komiks!

Welcome Komik Fans to OMG!!! Komiks!, where we save the world one komik at a time! I am the Girl with Cat Ears (a.k.a. Neko Mimi), and I will be your guide to the awezumest world of the Filipino komiks!

I'm guessing you have that smug look because I made a typo in my blog name and had to deal with it. Well, I'm sorry if I'm a disappoint but I'm sticking to the word "komiks" instead of "comics" because that's the way it's supposed to be spelled. Because I'm not going to be talking about American comic books like the Sandman, Justice League, X-men or Spawn. I'm talking about Pinoy Komiks, the ones made by Filipinos locally and/or internationally.

The Pinoy Komik industry was not as lame (I'm sorry!) as it is now. Rizal was credited to be one of the first few who wrote komiks back in his time, but the real boom of the komiks in the Philippines was during the 1920 up to the early 2000 where komiks were a mainstream form of entertainment for everyone. It's easy to see why, since there was no Internet then (or people were just starting to overcome their social anxiety with the Interwebs).

Nowadays, with people glued to anything offered online, printed komiks are facing a decline not just in sales but also in audience. But OMG!!! Komiks! is going to change all of that! By reading one komiks at a time, I will save the unappreciated komiks from the clutches of the Recycle Bin of Disappointments and Frustrations and rule the world!!!

*insert canned applause here*

Hahaha. Okay. Maybe *not* exactly like that. But you get the idea. :P

But why komiks? Why not books? Or art? Or maybe food?

It's not because I don't like books, art or food. God knows how much I love these three. Let's just say its my way of paying komiks back. It was through komiks that I learned to read and draw. I've also met a lot of wonderful like minded people who are into komiks like me.

I also want to help komiks artists, writers, and publishers who, having found no financial benefit from creating komiks here in the Philippines, fly off to another country and make their name there. I got nothing against that. They are seeking greener pastures that can't be found here. I think that if we were to support those in the Pinoy Komiks industry,they would have another reason for staying and pursuing their current works.

Sounds like a tall order huh? It is, seeing that the number of indie komiks increase every single convention. But I will do my best to review each and every one of them, even if I'm just going to be a single speck in the interwebs universe.

Whew! Ok. That's it.

Neko Mimi, Over and out!


  1. Thanks, Ms. Tarie! Do hope that other komiks enthusiasts also pick up a lot of good stuff from my blog and re-ignite their old passion for Pinoy komiks! :)

  2. Woot! You have joined the cause! Keep it up! :D

  3. All for the love of Pinoy Komiks!!!!